Aux Futurs Ancestraux

Atuel will be playable at the 2nd edition of Aux Futurs Ancestraux, a game arts exhibit curated by Isabelle Arvers that centers decolonial narratives from South America, Africa, and the Caribbean. We’re very happy to join a stunning lineup of games that includes the works of friends and colleagues that are very dear to us, such as Laura Palavecino's "The Snake's Song" and Dani Maga's “Laidaxai: The Black Tree”. The exhibit will take place between the 14th of October and the 20th of January at the Espace Multimédia Gantner in Bourogne, France.

“When we say that the future is ancestral, it has more to do with DNA than genealogy. It’s worldview: it’s the ability to go back to an event that created the world and is alive in you. We want a constant creation of everything and ourselves. This is what happens in DNA, the code handed down by our ancestors. This can reintroduce us to the constellation of life within the planet, where we stop being specialists and realize that we have a common origin”. Ailton Krenak, philosopher and leader of the Brazilian indigenous Krenak movement and author of the book Futuro Ancestral en 2021.

The global games market is still dominated by Europe, the United States and Japan.The exhibition “Aux futurs ancestraux” adopts a decolonial perspective on art and games in order to echo works conceived on the periphery of this global and globalizing culture. “Aux futurs ancestraux” immerses us in other types of representations, cities, landscapes, narratives and cosmogonies, conceived and expressed in other languages, and seeks to decolonize our imaginary through the co-construction of narratives born of the encounter between oral tradition, endogenous knowledge and the virtual universes of video games.

This necessary dialogue between these different modes of knowledge requires a paradigm shift. Science and human thought are no longer the only sources of knowledge; it is now possible to think of knowledge “beyond the human” (Eduardo Kohn). “This implies that nature thinks, that animals think, and that non-humans can teach us techniques and knowledge, by changing our perspective. (Viveiro de Castro).

Between photo installations, drawing, performance, video installations, immersive, interactive and video game, an exhibition that invites us to reconnect with what connects us to our ancestral futures: the living.

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How amazing, so pleased to share this wonderful space with all of you 🌸


That's great, Isabelle 👏👏